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BDYPS Tee - Straight Men's Club

BDYPS Tee - Straight Men's Club

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The "Body Positivity: An Excuse for Being Overweight" t-shirt is a controversial statement shirt that deals with the topic of body positivity. The motif features clear lettering that focuses on the debate about body positivity and the perception of obesity in our society.

Fit: The t-shirt has a Classic Fit that is comfortable and versatile. It is ideal for everyday wear and offers a relaxed fit that is suitable for both men and women. Please note that the t-shirt runs larger than usual, so select your size accordingly to get the fit you want.

Material: The t-shirt consists of 100% high-quality cotton and is comfortable to wear on the skin. The fabric density of 203 g/m² ensures a long-lasting quality that keeps its shape even after several washes. Depending on the color, the fiber content may vary, but the comfort and quality remain the same.

Label: The t-shirt features a tear-away label that allows you to easily remove the label without damaging the inside of the t-shirt. This provides extra comfort and a smoother wearing experience.

Statement: Express your opinion and participate in discussions about body positivity with this t-shirt. It is important to emphasize that the interpretation of the slogan can vary from person to person and different perspectives should be taken into account.

Note: We would like to point out that this t-shirt serves as an expression of personal opinions and attitudes. We respect diversity of views and encourage respectful conversations on controversial issues.

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